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Moving Alarm Clock (Chrome)

The clock that'll get you up and about

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Moving Alarm Clock Best Bits

  • Chase the alarm to turn it off
  • Perfect if you have trouble getting out of bed
  • Option to turn movement off
  • Just 4 AAA batteries required to power it

Chase the clock before you can turn off the alarm

Getting up in the morning: no-one wants to do it, but all of us have to, be it to get the kids to school or to get ourselves to work. So wouldn't it be great if you could make the process of actually lifting your body out of bed a bit easier?

Feast your eyes on the Moving Alarm Clock. It does exactly what you'd expect it to from the name – it moves. You set the alarm, then when the dreaded time comes, the clock just doesn't just make noise, it rolls off your bedside table on its wheels and moves around the room.

And the only way you can put an end to the alarm ringing is to get up and turn it off. Now, you might think that sounds great, but when the time actually comes, it'll just annoy you. Don't worry, there is an option for the lazy bods to turn off the moving function too.

All the Moving Alarm Clock requires to run is four AAA batteries (not included).



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