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WIFI/Wireless/Bluetooth Speakers

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A small collection of wireless speakers: bluetooth, wi-fi or Air Play they all connect wirelessly with your smartphone.


  • Bluetooth Speakers

    A range of wireless speakers that uses bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, iphone or other portable computer. Speakers or hands free kits, the collection ranges from the smallest one that fits in a pocket, to the portable that you pay carry with you with internal battery. To the more sophisticated, bluetooth speakers that included LED ambient lighting.

  • Airplay Speakers

    Airplay a standard imposed by Apple through its iOS devices is now a widely used connection method between speakers and iDevices. With Airplay Direct, you can now directly establish a high quality connection directly without the use of a WIFI network. The quality and functionality extend the ones from commonly used bluetooth. With DSP and other high lever functions now available on speakers directly from Apps installed on iDevices. The Sound quality and resilience of the connection also always for smooth and uninterrupted audio listening.

  • Waterproof Speakers

    Whether you like singing in the shower or bellowing ballads in the bath, here are perfect gadgets accompaniment with our selection of waterproof speakers. With the ability to either pair with your iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled gagdetry, or to wirelessly stream your audio from a docking device,one of these speakers will mean you'll be able to enjoy tunes in the shower or the bathtub.